Micro-hiking at Eagle River State Park

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Day 3, I headed north out of Anchorage and landed at Eagle River State Park, where I hiked all day and ate a picnic lunch while enjoying a perfect view of Polar Bear Peak (6,614 feet), Eagle Peak (6,909 feet) and Hurdygurdy Mountain (5,994). I know, I know… here I am, in Alaska, with all its famous, giant national parks, and I find myself exploring an off-the-beaten-path state park. But Alaska’s state parks are like miniature national parks, minus all the hype and fancy signage, and I LOVED Eagle River. It was kinda of cold and drizzly on this day, but it was perfect for some walk-in-the-woods reverie. I didn’t encounter any moose or bears — but I was dutifully wearing a bear bell, just in case (what a big dork I am…! P.S. This made it impossible to bird-watch….) The only thing I could successfully sneak up on was plants, so I took these close-ups of flowers, forest textures and tiny beautiful things I saw. I talked to some of the park’s volunteer naturalists at the end of the day and they helped me I.D. every little thing I photographed (and tried to convince me to come volunteer with them at Eagle River next summer — I was practically signed up by the time I left them). Unfortunately, that piece of paper I wrote all the flower and plant names on is tucked somewhere in some bag in some corner of my car, so if you’re really keen on knowing what you’re looking at here, um, please snail-mail my buddies at Eagle River State Park. Or just wait until next year, in case I’m there hanging out with them again.

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7 Responses to Micro-hiking at Eagle River State Park

  1. Jathan says:

    Uh-oh. I see it now. Jenny is quickly becoming an Alaska junkie. Just don’t go getting any ideas that you’ll be moving up there anytime soon! Although, if you ever watched Men In Trees, I wouldn’t blame you if you headed north to find your own McDreamy. (Oops! That’s another show altogether. Anyway….) I bet you had a blast at these parks though, you tree hugger you! 🙂

  2. Jayne Close says:

    Loving the travel-blogue! Even the air looks so crisp and clean in your photos. You aren’t missing nothing but hot and humid and more hot and humid! Miss you!

  3. Cathy says:

    JJ — Oh, I’m loving this! Especially your animal pictures in the last entry. But of course, we’re the sisterhood of the unlimited critter snaps! Your dad wants me to get him on the blog later after the Cardinals game is over. (Priorities, you know…) Take care, hope you see a bear!

  4. Katie says:

    I love these plant shots. You should do these more often! I can see some pretty awesome greeting cards coming from these. Hey- be sure to post how many days you have left. Keep living it up!

    • I’m sure there’s a countdown widget I could find somewhere to use on the blog, but I’m too lazy to go looking for it. And I’m in denial that there is a countdown here, so if I keep track of it, I think it will depress me! I could stay here another month without blinking an eye.

  5. Mims says:

    I love the Eagle River photos. It is so fantastic that you are discovering these hidden Alaska gems off the beaten path…hmm…keep some notes just in case somebody you know might get to also go there one day. I love checking your blog every day!

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