21 faces I won’t forget

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Here are some of my favorite folks I’ve met so far during my travels: (1) Chris, the kick-butt house parent at the Spenard Hostel in Anchorage (yeah, that’s right: he’s a man who folds laundry!); (2) the hat gals in Anchorage, who loved my sporty yellow rental car and gave me the inside scoop on all things Alaskan (mukluk, moose and men); (3) one of many bikers I met along Highway 3 up to Fairbanks (notice his little terrier in his backpack); (4) my new pals at Eagle River State Park; (5) Wal-Mike in his outlandish junk emporium on Highway 3; (6) Iditarod veteran Raymie Redington (son of Iditarod founder Joe Redington) and one of his sons; (7) Ohio-bound Noah Ashley, a scientist at the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium; (8) my Cincinnati bird pal Jill Russel with ornithologist George Divoky, who lives with arctic seabirds on the uninhabited Cooper Island every summer; (9) Denver Holt, probably the world’s foremost expert on snowy owls in the arctic; (10) Nathaniel, our Inupiaq guide who took us joy-riding in search of polar bears out at Barrow Point; (11) Marie Kasak of the tiny arctic village of Wainwright, who was flying to Anchorage from Barrow for a doctor’s appointment, and who has no pictures of herself except for this one, which I’ll be snail-mailing to her when I get back home; (12) Ginny Gebhart, a fifth-grade science teacher from Circleville, Ohio, and one of the participants in the Iditarod Summer Camp for Teachers; (13) Kim Roderick, the ballsy, dog-loving third-grade teacher from Statesville, North Carolina, who took the wheel of the ATV when the dogs broke free of the gang line and sped away from us; (14) Jerri Roberts, a Denali National Park interpretive guide and nature-loving grandma; (15) the (ahem) Unofficial Cincinnati Scientists Consortium/Fellowship of the Wings, enjoying our last meal in Barrow at Pepe’s “North of the Border” Mexican restaurant; (16) Pepe’s owner Fran with waiter Joe (of Joe’s Museum fame; see “My favorite weird things in Alaska so far” post); (17) a different Joe, one of the student volunteers at the Denali National Park sled-dog kennels; (18) Elyse, one of the Denali dog kennel employees who will be studying equine science at a Wyoming college this fall (if she looks familiar, see any picture of me from the early 1980s); (19) the two-year-old in the seat in front of me on the plane to Barrow, whose antics entertained me for the entire flight; (20) Nancy, our awesome, ledge-skimming, flower-loving, animal-spotting Denali bus driver who narrated our 11-hour roundtrip excursion to Wonder Lake; and (21) one of my seat buddies on the Denali bus trip to Wonder Lake, who is not technically a caribou.

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2 Responses to 21 faces I won’t forget

  1. Julie says:

    Love the people pictures with their short bios. It’s nice to know you are meeting some wonderful people on your journey. Tell them all thanks for looking out for you (spoken like the overprotective sister that I am). Love, Julie

  2. Jathan says:

    Someone I knew that you’d wind up meeting everybody in the state. It’s kind of the way you work a room, getting all the dirt about everybody and everything! By far, my favorite pic in this collection is the hat gals in Anchorage. They are priceless and I have a sneaky suspicion they were ready to recruit you to move up there. Now if they can only get you to wear one of those hats….. 😉

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