My favorite weird things in Alaska so far

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I realized yesterday that I’ve reached the halfway point in my Alaskan adventure, and now I’m trying to deny that I know that. Look, I can’t be wasting one precious moment being pre-emptively wistful about eventually having to leave. So let’s not have any talk about who’s leaving Alaska when or how many days a certain person does or does not have left in the state. And while I’m making mandates, let’s also temporarily forget that time travels in a linear fashion, because by doing so, I can do some chronological time-crunching here in blogville. I’m still several days behind in my updates, so I’ve decided to jump forward to the now (or almost-now) and then jump backwards a few days to tell you about destinations I’ve already left behind but haven’t yet told you about (like the incredible trip to Barrow, which was the most remarkable experience I’ve had so far in Alaska, though it’s hard to explain and boil down to one lil’ blog post). And then occasionally, like now, I’m going to jump sideways for no particular reason at all and tell you something random about my trip that really can’t be nailed down in a chronological itinerary. Today’s sidetrip report covers some of the weird, wonderful or wacky stuff I’ve seen so far, from funky/cool signs to oddball roadside kitsch to off-the-wall destinations like Wal-Mike’s everything-you-couldn’t-possibly-need store on Alaska’s Highway 3 to creepy Joe’s “museum” of weird taxidermied things in Barrow to the bargain-priced igloo that is, weirdly enough, not far from Honolulu Creek. So here’s some of my favorite off-the-road weirdness so far.

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4 Responses to My favorite weird things in Alaska so far

  1. Wanda Irish says:

    LOL…love it!

  2. karen says:

    i know you don’t have tv so you won’t get this but your blog today made me long for LOST with all the forward and sideways jumping!

  3. Jathan says:

    So are you going to wind up with one of those technicolor moose cutouts on your front door?

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