This is, supposedly, THE mountain

I’m still on a mission to get a totally clear shot of Denali so I can be a 30 percent snob. The good news is: this time, I had a knowledgeable source verify that I was, in fact, pointed in the right direction, at the right mountain. So that helps. But I was only able to see one of Denali’s two peaks. (Wait a second. What kind of scam is this? The mountain has two peaks? What the hell is up with that? I saw the mountain. I saw a peak. This counts, damnit.)

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5 Responses to This is, supposedly, THE mountain

  1. Jim Wilson says:

    Hey Jenny,
    But where’s the race track?
    Just kidding. Your photos and posts are brilliant. I almost feel like I’m there in Alaska with you. Ouch! I think I’m getting frost bite.
    Be careful up there in the wild. We need you back here safe and sound.

  2. Katie says:

    This is definitely Denali, but you did only get half of it. Frankly, this REALLY doesn’t count. I mean, if I took a picture of half of your face, would you ask for a printed copy? If you came to my house and I only stuck half of my face out of the door, would you say that we had really seen each other? What good is a bike with one wheel? I think you need to get back to Denali and get those clouds to move. Good luck. Oh, yeah, nice photos by the way.

  3. Jathan says:

    So what’s the scoop on Denali? Do people use it for sports? Is there skiing up there? Or do people race down it in toboggans? Or do only the sled dogs dare to cross those peaks?

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