Denali: Close encounters with a moose (Part I)

After spending 11 hours on a bus ride out to Wonder Lake, I had a breathlessly exciting up-close viewing of a moose when I was driving out of the park’s Wilderness Access Center parking lot near the front of the park late that day. I drove around a bend in the road, and there she was, eating willow branches by the side of the road. I stopped my car and was right next to her, and for a few precious moments I had her to myself, until other drivers starting piling up behind me. (Some loonies even got out of their cars, which made me really uneasy.) She was memorable because of a large dark patch/scar on her left shoulder, and I would see her again… a few days later. (I learned from a ranger the next day that she had a spring calf, and that she’d been hanging around the front section of the park for a day or so.)

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3 Responses to Denali: Close encounters with a moose (Part I)

  1. Jathan says:

    This guy looks like he should grace the pages of a children’s book. His face is just screams personality! What a marvelous character.

  2. Linda Schomerus says:

    Wow these pictures say it all too cool Jenny its just beautiful there.

    • It is incredibly beautiful. And it seems like every time I think it can’t be MORE beautiful, I look in some other direction, and it *is*. I’m just blown away by it all.

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