Denali: Close encounters with a moose (Part II)

Years of stalking animals with a camera have taught me the value of waiting for the moment. You have to wait for the bird to appear in a clearing, the horse to perk its ears, the coyote to howl, the moose to walk right past you. Waiting certainly paid off for me on my nightly photo excursions in the park. When I came across this moose drinking from a pond off in the distance, a handful of other drivers had stopped on the side of the road to watch, too, but eventually they all got bored and drove off. That left me alone when the moose eventually walked up a small ridge and approached the road… heading right toward me. She didn’t seem fazed by me at all, but as a precaution, I walked around my car so there was a protective barrier between us–and to give a photographic sense of just how close she was to me. She came so close, in fact, that I basically froze for about 30 seconds, not wanting to switch perspectives and gaze at tiny lens-sized moose through my camera when real-life giant moose was walking just feet away from me. There was a moment when she looked me dead in the eye and paused. I nearly fainted from excitement (or maybe fear… or awe… who knows?) It was pretty darn cool. Then off she rambled into the thick willow brush.

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2 Responses to Denali: Close encounters with a moose (Part II)

  1. Jathan says:

    This moose is so cool! So what’s the deal with them anyway? Are they dangerous? Do they charge people if they get too close? I always assumed they were fairly non-aggressive since you oftentimes see photos of them just walking through Alaskan towns.

  2. Wanda Irish says:

    wow…very, very cool! Beautiful animal and seems so calm! What a neat experience!

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