Denali: sled-dog kennels

You’d think I would have had my fill of sled dogs at this point in my trip, but of course I hadn’t. One of the stories I was researching during my Alaskan adventure was on the Denali dog kennel. Denali is the only national park that uses sled-dog teams for park patrols in the winter; in the summer, the dogs are used for educational outreach in daily demos highlighting the cultural tradition (not to mention environmental advantages!) of transportation by dog sled (versus, for example, loud and obnoxious snow machines). Denali visitors love seeing the dogs, and can even pet them when they visit the park’s kennel; the dogs are remarkably accustomed to all the attention. I spent hours with the kennel staff, volunteer dog walkers and the dogs themselves, learning all about the training, demos and upkeep of these lovely animals. Talk about job envy! Working with dogs in a national park? Geesh, what a tough gig that must be.

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3 Responses to Denali: sled-dog kennels

  1. Jathan says:

    These dogs are so gorgeous! I love the markings on them, the color of their eyes. Are you hearing lots of sled dog stories while you’re there? I’m sure there are plenty where the dogs saved someone’s life, etc. There always seem to be those tales.

  2. Wanda Irish says:

    You are right…total job envy! How cool would that be to work with dogs every day! Beautiful dogs…love the pic of the black and white dog w/the purple collar. These are probably my favorite pics so far. 🙂

    • Wanda — wait until you see the pix from the Iditarod camp! You’ll totally love them. I’m so far behind in the blog, but I hope to get it all up here eventually!

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